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Posted on 11th May 2018

Child Dies After Hospital Discharge Mistake

An eight-year-old schoolboy died as a result of a cardiac arrest just hours after he had been discharged from Worcestershire Royal Hospital. An inquest found that had the hospital staff taken a blood test during the child’s hospital admittance; he would still be alive.

The eight-year-old was admitted to the Worcestershire Royal Hospital after a GP referral. He was suffering from an undiagnosed condition called an Addisonian crisis, an illness linked to a rare condition called Addison’s Disease which causes adrenal insufficiency through a disorder of the adrenal glands on top of the kidney.

However, the boy was dismissed from the hospital with Dioralyte, a rehydration treatment. The hospital staff failed to conduct a blood test which would have identified the boy’s condition. It was also found that a nurse did not complete a fluid balance chart which should have been a requirement. The child’s parents feel the boy was severely let down and the opportunities to prevent his death were missed.

Due to the concerns about the child’s treatment, the family instructed medical negligence experts to find the answers they deserved and sadly found through the inquest that there were grave failings in the son’s care. Since the boy’s death, the NHS Trust now audits the fluid balance charts to make sure they are completed, and steps have been taken to avoid a situation like this from occurring again.

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