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Posted on 15th January 2017

Surgeon forgives NHS for father’s death

Surgeon and medical director, Andrew Welch, has forgiven another NHS hospital for a mistake that led to his father’s death.

Robert Welch, 93, died after a blunder that led to him being injected with insulin instead of Dextrose.

The inquest at Cleethorpes town hall heard that the war veteran became hypoglycaemic and suffered a cardiac arrest.

The staff at Diana, Princes of Wales Hospital in Grimsby, took an hour to realise that Mr Welch had collapsed in a chair. He was resuscitated by defibrillator, but Mr Welch was told his father could not survive.

Mr Welch, 61, an ear, nose and throat specialist told the inquest: “It is a really tough time in the NHS. They are doing their best.”

“I was quite confident that [the trust] had grasped the nettle. They have reacted quickly. I am comfortable with what they have done. My main aim was to make sure it does not happen again. That could happen to anyone at any age. They have taken it seriously. They have reacted positively.”

Giving a narrative conclusion, the coroner, Paul Kelly, said that Welch had been administered medication “other than that which had been prescribed.”

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