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Posted on 5th May 2018

Child Receives Record Compensation Payment

In a record-breaking case, a nine-year-old girl has received a £19 million medical negligence compensation payout after King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust accepted 85% liability. The girl was born at King’s College Hospital with severe jaundice. The jaundice was due to extremely high levels of bilirubin in her blood.

While the jaundice was detected, medical staff failed to attend to the situation quickly. As a result, the girl was left permanently disabled with brain damage. Had doctors delivered the right care, she could have received a total blood exchange, which would have meant she could have escaped the permanent injury she is now left with.

During the case, lawyers argued that King’s College Hospital was negligent in their delay and that there were severe shortcomings which could have prevented such a devastating disability. The NHS Foundation Trust admitted an 85% liability for her injuries.

As the girl has a very long life expectancy, it has led to what is believed a record settlement. The total value of the agreement is considered to be £19, 410, 417. The girl will receive a £6.8 million lump sum payment and then annual payments to cover the cost of her care for life.

While her parents say no amount of money could cover the compensation of what their daughter has lost, the payout can help to ensure the girl has the brightest future possible and has peace of mind that her care needs will always be covered.

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