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Posted on 3rd May 2018

Patient Dies In Hospital After Drinking Flash Cleaning Fluid

An inquest is underway into how a patient at Royal Sussex County Hospital died. The patient died after drinking cleaning liquid that was put into her water jug. The 85-year-old woman was in the hospital in September 2017. During her time in the hospital, she was given a water jug containing hazardous cleaning chemicals. An inquest found that the cleaning fluid was the direct cause of her death.

The patient had dementia at the time of the incident. A nurse added water to her jug, believing the fluid in the bottom of the flask was undiluted orange squash. The liquid was actually cleaning chemicals. After the patient was unable to cough the liquid up after consumption, she died a week later after it triggered a heart attack.

Despite the post-mortem examination showing the direct cause of death, there is still no explanation as to how the cleaning fluid ended up in the patient’s water jug. The coroner said it was alarming that some of the staff members involved in the incident required interpreters for their police interviews.

The coroner expressed concern that there was not adequate communication and training staff would have been difficult with a language barrier, especially when dealing with hazardous substances. While the investigation still does not have an answer for how the cleaning fluid became present in the patient’s drink, the Care Quality Commission have also carried out their own investigation into the matter.

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