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Posted on 20th April 2018

Patient Dies After Upside Down Heart Valve Surgery Mistake

A 71-year-old grandmother and great-grandmother died after a heart valve was put in the wrong way during a routine heart operation. The surgery mistake took place at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne. As a result of the heart valve blunder, the woman suffered significant internal bleeding and later died.

A consultant surgeon led the routine operation. The valve was placed inversely in the body which then caused irreversible damage and critical internal bleeding. Due to the poor placement of the valve, it prevented the blood to flow out of the heart as normal. The surgeon did not spot the error. It was only when a second surgeon came to assist that they noticed the mistake.

The woman never regained consciousness after this operation. Medics then performed a second operation to rectify the mistake and tried to get the heart working and failed. A week later, the patient died in intensive care.

The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has admitted the error and confirms that the surgeon who caused the mistake is still working at the trust. The family of the patient are beginning legal proceeding as the hospital has admitted a full breach of duty and the grandmother’s life was breached under the Human Rights Act.

There is still an inquest into death being conducted by a coroner.

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