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Posted on 16th April 2018

Newborn Dies After Oxygen Hospital Blunder

A baby born at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital died shortly after birth due to a ‘gross error’ at the hospital. The baby was delivered through an emergency caesarean section and was born in a frail and floppy condition.

Due to her condition a birth, the baby was given oxygen. However, the newborn’s oxygen supply was connected to a tube meant for adults. As oxygen was pumped into the baby girl’s body, it was given at a high pressure of 60lb per square inch. This pressure was 137 times the amount that would be delivered from a child’s resuscitator. As a result, the baby’s lungs burst, and she died, just twenty minutes into her life.

While Royal Shrewsbury Hospital admitted the ‘gross error’, not one of the staff admitted connecting the oxygen tube to the adult resuscitator as opposed to the child’s machine. The inquest failed to find the culprit. Ultimately, the verdict of the inquest was a ‘misadventure’. This meant the hospital and staff received very little punishment.

Due to the inquest result, there are no criminal charges, leaving the parents of the child devastated. They were hoping for a ruling of unlawful killing. It is believed that if the baby had received the right level of oxygen, she would have survived. Instead, the newborn baby died needlessly.

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