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Posted on 12th April 2018

Diabetic Woman Dies In Hospital Blunder

A 38-year-old woman died in a hospital corridor while waiting for treatment despite being in a critical condition. The mother of two children fell ill and was taken to hospital by an ambulance, where paramedics knew her condition was critical. After the ambulance took her to Nevil Hall Hospital in Abergavenny, the patient was left in a corridor in the emergency department.

During the 55-minute wait for treatment, the patient suffered from two heart attacks which left her brain-dead. It is suspected that paramedics did not complete a thorough handover and state the urgency and critical nature of the patient’s condition and the fact that the woman had life-threatening diabetes.

While the patient continued to fight for her life, she died just a few days later in the intensive care unit. The Aneurin Bevan University Health Board admitted liability for her death. Furthermore, the Health Inspectorate Wales conducted a review into the death and cited that there was an ‘unacceptable delay in triage and initiating treatment’.

The Aneurin Bevan University Health Board offered compensation to the patient’s children as a result of their medical negligence. So far, the health board have offered £47,000 compensation which the children believe is insulting as their mother’s life was worth more and are disputing the compensation amount for a higher sum.

What Negligence Claimline say

While the hospital has provided unreserved apologies to the family of the patient, that is often not enough to help those who suffer to get their life back on track. In this instance, the children of the patient had to move from Monmouthshire to Bradford to live with family due to the passing of their mother.

While compensation has been presented, the claimants are well within their rights to seek for a larger compensation amount.

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