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Posted on 9th April 2018

UK Mother Loses Life After Cancer Misdiagnosis

A 38-year-old mother of three lost her life to cervical cancer. The woman visited doctors with pain, and her symptoms were dismissed for post-natal reasons. Doctors told her the pain was normal from breastfeeding and sleepless nights as a new mother. During tests, doctors explained that the patient that she was in good health apart from being low in calcium.

After further tests, including cervix examinations, doctors still said everything looked normal and missed the fact that there was a tumour present. In 2016, after a scan by a private hospital, it was revealed that the woman had cervical cancer. The cancer was grade 2b, and the patient began 12 weeks of chemotherapy. However, the woman then discovered a lump on her neck, and blood tests later revealed that the disease was incurable.

The patient then applied for immunotherapy as part of an NHS trial. However, her claim was rejected as they did not believe she met the criteria. After being denied therapy, the woman then used £200,000 for care at a clinic in Germany to prolong her life so she could be there for her three children.

Despite expensive and extensive treatment, the woman lost her life on the 31st March 2018.

What Negligence Claimline say

All cancers need to be diagnosed as quickly as possible in order for patients to have treatment as soon as possible to give them the best chances of recovery. It is estimated that one in four patients have had a cancer misdiagnosis which has led to a delay in treatment.

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