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Posted on 26th March 2018

Never Event Occurs With Anaesthetic Mistake

It has recently been revealed that during the stressful winter months, where many hospitals feel the strain, that a Norfolk hospital injected anaesthetic into the wrong part of a patient. Injecting anaesthetic into the wrong body part is described by the medical profession as a ‘never event’. A ‘never event’ is one that is so serious that is should never happen. However, the incident did occur at James Paget Hospital and is under review.

Fortunately, the patient who was at the receiving end of the anaesthetic blinder was left unharmed. Once the mistake was realised, the procedure was immediately stopped. Medical staff then made sure to administer pain relief to the affected area. Had the incident gone unnoticed, it could have caused severe pain and damage to the patient. However, there is no doubt that the incident would have been very frightening for the individual and left a mental impact.

Sadly, this ‘never event’ is one of three that occurred at James Paget Hospital in February 2018 alone. The other events included leaving a foreign object in a patient’s body after surgery, and another case was where a swab was retained after a procedure. The incidents occurred in a challenging month at the hospital where patients have reported being left in A&E for more than twelve hours and pressure of lack of beds for patients.

The hospital is also undergoing an investigation into the serious incident of a death of a newborn baby. There was no prior indication that the baby had any issues before being born, however, became severely ill when born and died shortly afterwards. Currently, there are no results from the investigation as to how this incident occurred.

What Negligence Claimline say

All patients deserve to receive the best and safest treatment, regardless of the time of year. If you have been affected by a medical blunder, then you could be entitled to seek compensation. We hope that ‘never events’ never happen, but when they do, compensation is often needed for financial support so that patients can receive the best treatment and aftercare.

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