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Posted on 16th March 2018

Man Wins Compensation Claim As Parkinsons Disease Missed By Doctor

The NHS has given an elderly man £30,000 in damages as Parkinson’s disease was misdiagnosed and the patient was given drugs that are well-known to make Parkinson’s worse. While the NHS deny a delayed diagnosis, they did award a damages settlement and medical experts believe the man had suffered from Parkinson’s since his first visit to his consultant.

The patient saw his GP with tremors. The GP then referred the man to a consultant geriatrician. The consultant diagnosed the issue as a benign tremor and gave him the medication for this issue. From then, the patient’s condition deteriorated. With 15 visits to the consultant, the doctor maintained his original diagnosis.

During this time, the medical notes of the man suggested he had no quality of life and had to leave his wife for long periods of time due to hospital admissions. The drug given to the patient actually worsens Parkinson’s. Furthermore, the NHS trust admitted they had accelerated the disease by 12 months with this medication. Once the diagnosis was changed to Parkinson’s and the patient was given the correct medication, he was able to stop using his wheelchair, his quality of life also increased to ‘good’.

With help from independent medical professionals, the man was able to show a breach of duty by the NHS. From this, he was compensated for the loss of function, pain and suffering the misdiagnosis caused.

What Negligence Claimline say

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