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Posted on 14th March 2018

Mother Sues NHS For Losing Limbs From Sepsis

A 31-year-old mother lost both of her legs, her right arm and the fingers on her left arm when she contracted sepsis while she was at Luton and Dunstable Hospital. Management at the hospital has apologised to the woman as they accept that losing limbs could have been avoided if they had spotted the signs of sepsis sooner. Understandably, the woman is now suing the NHS for the unnecessary suffering that has been caused by failing to detect the highly dangerous disease.

The mother of two went into hospital as she had suffered an ectopic pregnancy. She had to have urgent surgery to remove the foetus and affected fallopian tube. During her recovery in the hospital, the woman developed extensive limb ischaemia. Despite showing the classic warning signs of sepsis, including nurses observing a high temperature, doctors failed to spot the disease and did not follow the strict sepsis protocol.

The woman had to wait six months for surgery to amputate her limbs. During this time, the woman had to go to hospital three times a week for dialysis after needing a kidney transplant as a result of her treatment in hospital. From missing the classic signs of sepsis, the effect has been life-changing and catastrophic for the young woman.

What Negligence Claimline say

Sepsis is an incredible dangerous illness which is blood poisoning due to an infection. It is estimated that 35,000 people die from sepsis in the UK every year and 60,000 have life-changing effects as a consequence of sepsis.

While hospitals have a strict protocol in place for sepsis, sometimes the symptoms can be missed. If the signs are missed is can quickly lead to death or life-changing consequences, with this is mind sepsis must be spotted urgently. If you or a loved one has suffered as the signs of sepsis were missed by a medical professional, then you may have a right to seek compensation.

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