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Posted on 12th March 2018

Child Died After Hospital Sent Her Home

A six-year-old girl has died from meningitis and sepsis after doctors sent her home from hospital rejecting a rash (a possible meningitis symptom) as a bruise. After a two-hour wait at A&E at the Royal Oldham Hospital, the girl was seen by a doctor as she had a temperature, was tired and sick. The doctor suggested going home. After this, the condition of the girl quickly deteriorated and she died eight hours later.

From complaining of a headache and stomach pain, the girl was sent home from school early. Her mother took care of her and actively monitored her temperature. When her temperature did not go down despite medication, she took her daughter to A&E. The triage nurse suggested a fluid intake at regular intervals and the doctor that saw her suggested the girl had a viral infection. The doctor recommended going home and to continue giving her regular fluid to treat the infection.

After concerns from the mother and nurse, the girl remained in hospital and a junior paediatric doctor began to treat her. The doctor noticed a bruise and considered it from an accident, the doctor did not think it was a symptom of meningitis. After being repeatedly sick, the girl was administered antibiotics but her condition worsened with breathing difficulties.

As more marks appeared on the girl’s body, her condition deteriorated further and she died despite resuscitation attempts. Doctors then confirmed the girl has passed away from meningococcal meningitis and septicaemia. The report of the incident proves that the mother was not listened to and there were two missed opportunities to recognise the rash. The report also confirms that there was a 3.5-hour delay in treatment.

As a result, the hospital has taken the measures to improve treatment and to reduce the risk of a situation like this occurring again.

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