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Posted on 7th March 2018

Boy Left Almost Blind By Hospital Mistake

A child who was born prematurely suffered from medical blunders which have meant that he is partially sighted in his right eye and lost his vision in his left eye. The doctors at St George’s Hospital were aware he had a medical condition that meant there was a threat to his vision, but doctors failed to review his eyesight.

As a result of this missed eyesight check and insufficient monitoring of his condition, the boy now suffers frightening episodes of total blindness. The NHS and the hospital have admitted full liability for the injuries the boy has received and agreed to compensation capped at £8.5million. However, should the child lose his eyesight completely, then he may be entitled to claim for further compensation.

What Negligence Claimline say

The stress of a premature child is difficult enough for parents, but to know that their child has suffered life-changing injuries from failed monitoring can be heart-breaking. While the child copes incredibly well and enjoys the support of friends and family, his life may be very different if the proper precautions were in place.

The payout the child received was split into an initial lump sum and then yearly payments until he reaches the cap of £8.5million. The compensation will help to make the necessary adjustments required for his needs.

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