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Posted on 2nd March 2018

Woman Dies After 12-Hour Wait For Fractured Hip

A 92-year-old woman has died after a care home staff failed to seek medical advice for a fractured hip. The woman fell out of her bed at her care home and complained of serious pain. Despite her pain and distress, the staff at the care home decided against seeking medical advice.

Nine hours later, an ambulance was called for the woman. However, a miscommunication meant that the ambulance service did not arrive for a further three hours. The ambulance service had assumed the case was non-urgent. The woman later died. Her last words were; “help me”.

Despite the care home having posters and procedures in place that requires staff to call an ambulance immediately if a resident has a fall, accident or appears in pain, care workers did nothing to help the woman. As a result, two members of staff we suspended and given warnings. A third member of the team was referred to the Disclosure and Barring Service. Furthermore, the care home was rated inadequate by the Care Quality Commission.

While the family of the woman decided not to pursue a legal claim, the investigation did show evident failings of care.

What Negligence Claimline say

When trusting a care home to look after a loved one, you expect the highest levels of care. Sadly, some care homes fail to provide the appropriate level of care which can lead to accidents and injuries that could have been prevented.

As older adults are more vulnerable to suffering a serious injury after a fall, then failings for not following correct procedure is negligent care. If you have a loved one who has suffered as a result of negligence in a care home, then Negligence Claimline can help.

Our team of expert solicitors are on hand to answer your claim queries and will provide free advice to allow you to decide whether you would like to pursue a claim. Contact our UK based team on 0330 355 9210 and find out how we can help.