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Posted on 23rd February 2018

Psychiatrist Suspended After Teenager Drowns

A psychiatrist has been suspended for twelve months as she admitted failing to spot the warning signs which could have prevented the death of a vulnerable teenager. The teenager who had autism, epilepsy and learning difficulties was moved to Slade House, Oxford where he was meant to be observed every ten minutes.

The psychiatrist reduced the observation level to once an hour. With this, the teenager was left to have a bath unsupervised. While bathing, the boy suffered an epileptic fit and drowned. He was not observed more closely despite having two seizures the week before. Southern Health NHS Trust had admitted failings, while the psychiatrist said she had ‘dropped the ball’.

As a result of this incident, the psychiatrist has been suspended for twelve months. Furthermore, the investigation of this death led to the shocking discovery that, in the last four years, the NHS Trust had failed to properly investigate the death of over 1,000 people with mental health problems who were in their care.

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