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Posted on 21st February 2018

Man Died After Care Home Missed Monitoring

A 33-year-old with Downs Syndrome died from a cardiac arrest after his care home failed with the necessary, careful monitoring of his condition. The gross negligence by Ipswich Hospital found that staff did not respond appropriately to his deteriorating health.

The man was suffering from severe constipation, as a result of Hirschsprung’s disease, which care home staff were meant to monitor. Despite an increase in his Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS), staff failed to respond appropriately and did not flag up his deteriorating condition. His death was as a result of choking on his own vomit due to a bowel obstruction.

The care home admitted making changes to the man’s diet. They also did not monitor his bowel movements. Furthermore, they did not escalate the condition appropriate despite a change in MEWS. These events were contributing factors to his worsening state which led to his death.

What Negligence Claimline say

Putting loved ones into a care home can be difficult, and there is a great deal of trust that they will receive the best care possible for their condition. When the level of care falls below the standard we expect, it can lead to untimely injuries and illnesses that could be prevented.

If a care home fails to provide the level of service expected for looking after a vulnerable person, then it can be very difficult for their loved ones to process. In some cases, an apology and commitment to improving standards are enough. In other times, compensation may be the only solution to help pay for financial implications of the injury or illness.

At Negligence Claimline, our expert solicitors can help to support the patient and family. By sharing your case with us, we can explain the process of claiming compensation and whether it is the right choice for you. If you have suffered as a result of negligence by a care home, then get in touch with our solicitors by calling 0330 355 9210. Our team are on hand to help with free advice and strictly operate on a no win, no fee basis.