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Posted on 12th February 2018

Mother dies after TB misdiagnosis

A woman, a mother of five children, has died aged 39, as doctors misdiagnose fatal tuberculosis meningitis as a migraine. The woman from Bridgend visited her GP due to crippling headaches, tiredness and sensitive eyes. Her GP referred her to the hospital as suspected meningitis. However, the doctors at the hospital dismissed this, claiming she had a migraine and told her to take paracetamol. Ten days later, the woman passed away.

Tuberculosis should only be rule out after a TB test has been conducted. Unfortunately, the hospital failed to follow correct procedures. What’s more, they ruled out TB meningitis despite having an X-ray of the woman’s lungs which showed shadows.

In this case, her husband reached an out of court settlement with the health board that operates the hospital where the fatal errors were made.

What Negligence Claimline says

While shortcomings in care are rare, misdiagnosis can help which can be fatal and leave lasting devastating effects for the patient and their loved ones. Like the case mentioned above, when medical professionals are at fault, compensation can be sought.

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