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Posted on 7th February 2018

Cervical Cancer Test Results In Doubt

In February 2018, it was found that routine NHS screening tests for cervical cancer taken between April 2016 and September 2017 may have been wrong. These potential errors affect women who had their smear tests during that period in Essex hospitals. Despite women receiving the all-clear, samples at a laboratory have shown that mistakes were made and some women were wrongly given the all-clear.

So far, there has been a check on 900 samples. From these 900 examples, 17 mistakes have shown that women were incorrectly told that their results were negative. From these 17 cases, nine women have so far been contacted about the wrong results. Furthermore, eight of these women have required further investigation as pre-cancerous changes and abnormalities were discovered.

Worryingly, due to the number of mistakes found in the sampling, it now means these blunders may have affected 60,000 women. This means if the error rate remains at the same level, then over 1000 women would have a wrong result.

The reason for this investigation was due to concerns about quality during a merger for the laboratory services. Issues were raised last September; however, GPs have only been informed very recently. So far, just some of the affected women have been contacted for further investigations or to have another smear test.

What Negligence Claimline says;

Medical errors can not only cause concern and destroy trust, but they can also ruin lives. For cancers to be treated effectively, they must be diagnosed early. In the case above, women may have missed an earlier diagnosis which could have meant an earlier start in treatment.

While we do not know if any of the 60,000 women have been diagnosed with cervical cancer after receiving an all-clear result, the worry will undoubtedly remain for the women. Cancer misdiagnosis or delayed cancer treatment can cause catastrophic effects for individuals and loved ones. If you have been affected by a cancer misdiagnosis, then Negligence Claimline want to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Tell us your story by filling out a free 24-hour claim assessment or telephoning us on 0330 355 9210 and our team of experts will help you to understand the process of claiming and how we can help you.