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Posted on 5th February 2018

Pharmacy Medication Mix-Up

At a Boots pharmacy in Basingstoke, a patient who normally receives medication for insomnia was given a drug to help high blood pressure. As a result, the gentleman suffered ill health in symptoms he described as “horrific” with constant nausea and an unbearable headache.

The man said the symptoms lasted for three days when he noticed that he was given the wrong medication that had a similar name. He usually takes amitriptyline and was instead given amlodipine.

The patient blames the overworked staff, whom he believes are under too much pressure. However, the pharmacy in question issued a statement that said that they were fully-staffed and took patient safety and welfare very seriously. While the patient’s symptoms were very unpleasant, the situation could have been much worse and could have resulted in patient death.

Incidents such as this are not uncommon, in fact, in 2012-2013 three people died as a result of dispensing errors, being given the wrong medication, from Boots pharmacies. When it comes to taking the wrong medication, any drugs can be fatal due to their side effects and as they are considered an overdose when they are not prescribed to the patient.

What Negligence Claimline says

Most pharmacies have appropriate measures in place to ensure that they can dispense medications safely and without any problems. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen, and these mistakes can be harmful to you and your loved ones. Dispensing errors can result in serious side effects and could lead to a deterioration in your condition.

If the wrong medication has been dispensed to you, or you have been subjected to any other sorts of pharmacy error including incorrect mixing and instructions, then you may be able to claim and receive the support you need. In severe cases, you may require compensation after a dispensing error to help your condition and provide the support you need to get your life back.

If you want to discuss your dispensing error claim, then call the experts are Negligence Claimline for friendly and professional advice. Tell your story by calling 0330 355 9210 and find out how we can help with the process.