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Posted on 2nd February 2018

Vaccine Manufacturer To Be Sued

In the UK, we tend to think of medical negligence as claims against the NHS as well as private doctors, surgeries and hospitals. However, in a recent story, we have seen a woman launch a medical negligence claim against a drug and vaccine manufacturer.

A woman, Molly Underwood, at 19 years old is suing an HPV vaccine manufacturer, MSD vaccines. As well as this she is launching a case against the health minister, the education minister, attorney-general, the HSE and the state. Molly is not the only one making a medical negligence claim in relation to the HPV vaccine, with another eight people also launching their case in January 2018.

The reason for the medical negligence claim is that Molly Underwood believes she received chronic side effects as a result of receiving the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. Molly has suffered from appendicitis and acute pancreatitis. She thinks it was the HPV vaccine that caused these medical issues.

As well as Molly’s case, other cases are claiming against the HSE too. For this, they argue that the HSE did not make the possible side effects of the vaccine clear in the leaflet that they provided. The Irish campaign group against the HPV vaccine, Regret, suggest that 400 Irish girls have suffered ill health and adverse reactions as a result of receiving the vaccine.

Currently, the vaccine, Gardasil, has been endorsed by the European Medicines Agency and the World Health Organisation. As well as this, the HSE continue to state that there is currently no credible research linking Gardasil to chronic side-effects.

What Negligence Claimline says

In some cases, we are given drugs and vaccines that have the intention of doing good but unfortunately, deliver adverse side effects that can make us feel worse. These cases can be difficult to pinpoint and prove, but if found to be true, can save many people from suffering from the same effects.  The problem with these types of claims is that the adverse side effects must occur in a significant number of patients who take the medication or receive the vaccine.

Negligence Claimline has received enquiries where one person has suffered side effects but very few other people taking the same medication have experienced the same. Under these circumstances a compensation claim for medical negligence cannot be brought.

Just like the ASR Hip cases or PIP Breast implants, medical negligence claims such as this one can often result in joint actions against the manufacturers. A joint action in Clinical Negligence terms is where a group of individuals are represented by a single firm of solicitors and who allbring a claim for compensation for the same issue.

If you believe you have suffered chronic and adverse side-effects as a result of a vaccine or medication, then the experienced solicitors at Negligence Claimline may be able to help with your case. Call our friendly team on 0330 355 9210 and tell us your story. We can then offer free, expert advice on the grounds of your claim and explain what can happen next.