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Posted on 26th January 2018

Forceps Left Inside Patient

During any operation, you would hope to trust medical staff to use the right tools and to ensure they were meticulous in their actions. Shockingly, at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation, a surgeon left nine-inch forceps inside a women’s abdomen during a gynaecological operation. Ten days after the surgery, the woman felt intense abdominal pain. After a CT scan, it was revealed that forceps used during surgery were still in place.

To help reduce accidents, many surgeons have a count checklist. The checklist or audit is to make sure that every instrument used during surgery is counted out at the start of operation and counted back in at the end of the surgery. While this is a common practice, this situation was a major error as the checklist was not completed accurately. The blunder by the NHS surgeons could have had catastrophic consequences for the woman involved.

For all incidents, the NHS Trust in question has launched a campaign called Always Safe. This campaign is to raise awareness to avoid situations such as this and then make sure that lessons are learnt and that actions are in place to increase safety.

What Negligence Claimline says:

The incident mentioned above is an extreme case of medical negligence, where treatment has fallen well below what is expected. Events such as this do occur more often than we like to think. At Negligence Claimline, we want to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve for any medical blunder.

If you have had an operation that has lead to medical failings, or have suffered a blunder when medical professionals have a duty of care to you, then you may have grounds for a compensation claim. If you would like to discuss your claim and whether you have grounds for compensation, then get in touch with our expert solicitors by filling out a free 24-hour claim assessment.