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Posted on 1st December 2017

Manchester Baby Left Brain Damaged By Medics

In 2008 a pregnant lady gave birth to a healthy baby boy in Trafford General Hospital. The newborn baby developed jaundice not long after being born but midwives failed to spot the condition.

Jaundice is a common condition for new born babies and symptoms include yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes caused by a build-up of toxins called bilirubin in blood and tissue.

Even though the condition is common, midwives failed to diagnose jaundice which led to a secondary but rare complication called kernicterus. Kernicterus is a rare type of brain damage.

The boy, now aged 9 suffers with cerebral palsy and will require carers for the rest of his life. A high Court judge ruled on Monday that the cause of the child’s brain damage was serious failings in the care provided to the newborn baby.

Following the High Court Approval Hearing, the judge awarded compensation equivalent to £5.2m against Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust (now Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust).


Although jaundice is a common medical condition, this is the second instance of brain damage following undiagnosed jaundice, reported on by Negligence Claimline in as many months.

We are surprised to have learnt that midwives are not taught how to read the equipment which monitors a baby’s heart rate, whilst in their mandatory training and we are shocked that even the most basic and common medical conditions can go un-noticed.

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