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Posted on 29th November 2017

Botched ACL Surgery Compensated

In 2013 an amateur footballer was playing football and felt his knee “pop”. Upon investigation by a hospital in the West Midlands, he was told he required an operation to repair his ACL.

In 2014 the footballer underwent reconstructive surgery to his anterior cruciate ligament however he continued to experience problems with his knee. In 2015 he had an MRI scan which showed the ACL had torn again.

The man had to have further surgery in March 2015 but he will require revision surgery in the future.

The patient instructed specialist clinical negligence solicitors to pursue a compensation claim on the basis that the original ACL graft hadn’t been positioned correctly allowing his ACL to re-tear. The solicitors representing the claimant argued there was a “series of failings”

The solicitors managed to get a five-figure sum in compensation for the problems caused by the original surgery. A spokesperson for the trust commented “We take any incident or surgical complication extremely seriously and ensure that lessons are learned so that we can deliver the highest standard of care for our patients”

The patient commented “You put great trust in medical experts when you suffer injuries of this nature, so I was devastated when I discovered there had been failings in my care. I only hope now that no one else has to go through what I have faced and lessons have been properly learned”


When a surgical procedure goes wrong, the after effects of that mistake can be serious and sometimes life-changing. 

The location of a graft to repair an anterior cruciate ligament tear should be easy to identify and commonly the orthopaedic surgeons use key-hole techniques to perform the surgery because it is less invasive. 

A saline solution is usually pumped into the knee to wash it out and to expand the cavity to allow the surgery to take place. 

Usually it can take up to 6 months for patients to return to activity after ACL surgery but it could take as long as a year. 

If you have been injured during a surgical procedure or if the surgical procedure didn’t work and you require further surgery, you may have grounds to make a claim for compensation. Contact us on 0330 355 9210 or for a free claim assessment.