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Posted on 17th November 2017

Model Maybe Scarred For Life After Lip Fillers

A model in Newcastle has been scarred for life after botched lip fillers left her with lumps and a distorted mouth.

Attending a clinic located at the back of a hairdressers salon, the 22 year old model asked for lip fillers in a bid to have bigger lips. The treatment lasted around 5 minutes but immediately she started to feel pain and swelling.

She went to see a doctor at her local A&E where she was told that the fillers had been injected into wrong parts of her lips. Her treating consultant managed to correct most of the botched procedure but the young woman still has a lump on her mouth that may be permanent.

The medical expert treating the model commented “It is shocking to see how someone can inject a lip so badly, endangering a young person’s looks yet these procedures still go unregulated.

Untrained and unqualified individuals lack the background anatomical knowledge to avoid complications as well as the ability to treat patients should complications arise.”


Cosmetic procedures should only be performed by qualified people at registered venues. Even then, the outcomes for people undergoing these procedures run the risk of complications.

People who perform this type of cosmetic procedure owe a duty of care to the people they treat. If complications arise because of a mistake, the consequences could be life changing. It has been recorded that some botched lip fillers have gone on to cause tissue death and even blindness.

If you have had any form of cosmetic procedure and that procedure has not been performed correctly, causing injury of the need for further surgery, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

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