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Posted on 8th November 2017

Misdiagnosed Flesh Eating Disease Kills Mum Of Two

After complaining of shoulder pain the 41 year old mum of two went to A&E at West Suffolk Hospital. A diagnosis of a sprain was made and she was sent home.

The following day her condition had worsened so she went back to hospital.

In the following days the hospital did not diagnose and therefore treat the woman’s condition. An investigation found that medics had twice dismissed a correct diagnosis of necrotising fasciitis until the day before her death.

At a hearing into the death of the woman, the High Court found that the Trust had failed in its duty of care. The Trust admitted liability and the Court subsequently awarded the family a settlement of £415,000.

The woman’s husband commented “It is difficult to put into words the devastating effect [her] death has had on our family, I have been completely traumatised by the sudden loss of my wife and I cannot see an end to the pain and suffering that I encounter every day”

He continued “Although I kept pleading for the hospital staff to help they did not seem to listen and I felt as though I was standing watching her die”

A spokesperson for the Trust said “This was a tragic case where [she] presented to the Trust with a rare condition which was not promptly diagnosed. The Trust admitted, following an investigation, that there had been a delay in making a prompt diagnosis and since that time it has been seeking to resolve settlement of this claim”


Misdiagnosing any medical condition can cause long term and even life changing complications for the patient. Instances of misdiagnosed medical conditions remain high within hospital clinical negligence claims and feature often in the enquiries we receive every month.

If you or a loved one have had a medical condition misdiagnosed and that misdiagnosis has made the condition worse or caused more harm, you may have grounds to make a compensation claim. Contact us on 0330 355 9210 or for a free claim assessment.