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Posted on 3rd November 2017

Hospital Blunders Leave Patient Wheelchair Bound

A 20 year old woman has been left wheelchair bound after surgery to correct her scoliosis went wrong.

During her early teens, she experienced aches which were put down to growing pains. The dull aches however turned to a constant burning sensation.

At the age of 14, she was diagnosed with a curved spine, a condition called scoliosis. Approximately 2 years after being diagnosed with the condition consultants decided that she needed surgery and had metal rods inserted to support her spine and re-position it.

Almost immediately after the surgery the girl found that her spine had started to straighten and her pain had reduced. The metal rods in her back were supposed to stay in for 18 months minimum.

11 months after first having the surgery she started to feel something underneath her skin sticking out. Her initial thoughts were that a screw was coming out. The area was painful to touch.

She went back to hospital to have the screw removed. The surgery was planned to be a day surgery case. When she came round from the surgery, she could feel that the metal rods had been completely removed. She felt her support had been removed and that nothing was holding her up any more.

The next 3 years were full of pain.

At the age of 20, she had an MRI scan and the results of the scan showed damage to her spine and the curvature was now worse than when she first was diagnosed. Consultants decided to put the rods back in and surgery was scheduled.

When the young woman woke from surgery she was told by a nurse that there had been complications. During the surgery the patient had a spinal stroke where the blood supply to her spinal cord was disrupted. She was temporarily paralysed from her belly button down.

She had to have specialist rehabilitation but has not yet fully recovered from her spinal stroke. She has been fitted with a support for her right leg to try to help her get around more easily.

The medical director at the hospital where her surgery was performed confirmed that her treatment fell below an acceptable standard.


When a surgical procedure goes wrong, the effect of that failure can be devastating as this case illustrates. Surgical errors can include nicking an internal organ, limb lengthening complications following surgery, wrong site surgery and many more instances.

If you have had surgery which has caused you a further injury or you have had to have a second surgery because the first failed, you may have grounds to make a compensation claim.

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