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Posted on 31st October 2017

Botox Injections Performed By A Fake Consultant

Ozan Melin performed cosmetic botox injections on several women whilst not being medically qualified or even trained. The GMC has no record of Mr Melin.

He told the women he injected that he had undergone medical training in the Turkish army and he was educated in America. Mr Melin and his wife at the time, ran a mobile cosmetic clinic.

Mr Melin allegedly cave undiluted botox injections leaving his victims with severe swelling and bruising. When one of his clients complained about the swelling and burning, he advised to put a wet flannel on her face. The next day the client had to go to A&E after suffering from an anaphylactic shock.

Another of his clients has alleged that she was unable to speak or eat properly for six months after he injected her.

Following an investigation by the police, Mr Melin was charged and went on trial yesterday. The courts heard from a forensic plastic surgeon concluded that the botox was “unknown and extremely dangerous substance”

Vials of a substance labelled as botox were found at the home of Mr Melin’s ex-wife. After testing the product, it was found that it was counterfeit.

The Courts heard how Mr Melin was seen to put gloves on then wipe his nose.

The prosecution claim that Mr Melin caused Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) which he denies and three counts of fraud. Prosecution commented “The prosecution say these three customers in this case have all sustained really serious harm and the infliction of that harm was clearly by Ozan Melin, a man who knew he was not medically qualified and was clearly reckless as to the severe consequences.”


People who are not qualified to perform cosmetic procedures cannot be subject to clinical negligence claims.

Instead of a medical negligence claim, the people who are harmed have to bring a different type of compensation claim for Personal Injury.

This case highlights the need for more regulation of cosmetic products such as botox. It also highlights that individuals having non-surgical procedures, should insist on seeing proof that the person performing the procedure is qualified to do so and has the appropriate Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

If you have been harmed because you had a cosmetic procedure which did not go to plan, you may have grounds to make a compensation claim for medical negligence or personal injury. Contact us on 0330 355 9210 or for a free claim assessment.