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Posted on 27th October 2017

Death Of New Born Baby Caused By Hospital

Just hours after her birth, the baby born in Hull Royal Infirmary died because a doctor failed to give consideration to how serious her mum's medical condition was.

The pregnant mum had been feeling ill and felt shortness of breath for a few weeks so was taken to hospital by ambulance. The cause of her illness was a rare condition where her body to stop processing medicines which in turn caused her blood to become acidic.

Although the 33 week pregnant mum’s blood was toxic doctors in the A&E department of the hospital left the mum sat on a hospital trolley for over four hours then discharged her. When the mum collapsed on the way out of A&E less than two hours later medics took the decision to perform an emergency caesarean to deliver the baby.

When the baby was delivered, it was found that she had already had multi-organ failure and brain damage because the mum’s blood, passed to the baby via the umbilical cord, was so toxic.

The mum of the child was fighting for her life and in a coma for three weeks following her collapse. When she woke, she was told that her baby girl had died.

She commented “No one listened to me. It makes me so angry. If any pregnant women feels something is wrong with her baby, I would say go and get it checked out, and do not leave it until they can prove to you that there is nothing wrong. The signs had been there with my two previous pregnancies, this had been happening for years, but with my daughter it became too much. I could have died too”

The Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust has agreed mistakes were made including lack of interpretation of basic observations.


Failure by doctors to correctly assess the patient and provide the correct treatment in a timely manner is a mistake of the most basic in nature. The consequences of making basic mistakes can be devastating as this article shows.

Commonly, the reason for basic errors being made is said to be workloads and understaffing. Instead of investing in central training programs, a recruitment drive and improvements to the services, the government is consulting on how to reduce the costs the NHS pays out in compensation by reforming the laws. A change in the law will not stop basic mistakes happening - it will just stop injured people claiming compensation.

If you or a loved one have suffered harm because a medical expert didn’t do something correctly, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Contact us on 0330 355 9210 or for a free claim assessment.