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Posted on 13th October 2017

Missed Pneumonia Is Cause of Two Year Old Childs Death

A boy of two years old was taken to see his GP and A&E four times over a five day period. Each time the family were told to return home but the child later died due to a cardiac arrest.

The child’s family are now launching legal action against the North West Healthcare NHS Trust because of the care the child received.

Doctors at the family GP surgery referred the two year old to A&E at Northwick Park Hospital but the hospital sent them home without giving any treatment. The same thing happened a further three times within a five day period.

The young child was suffering from a cold, cough, unstable temperature, breathing difficulties and lack of appetite but the hospital thought he was suffering from a virus.

The Trust at the centre of the medical negligence claim have launched an investigation into the boy’s death. A number of failings were identified and improvements have been made.

The boy’s mum commented “I just feel lost without him. It is heart-breaking to know that had things been done differently, he’d probably still be here. I knew something was really wrong as the days went by. After five days of battling his unknown illness I was sent home again, he had never been so ill, but I wasn’t told what to look out for. I wasn’t given any advice on what the danger signs were before leaving the hospital.


A compensation claim for medical negligence may be brought against a health care professional if it can be established that there has been a Breach Of Duty and that Breach Of Duty has caused (Causation) an injury or death.

In this case, medical professionals are being criticised for not examining the child correctly and in doing so, failed to administer medication in a timely manner. The Breach Of Duty part is where medics didn’t examine the child correctly and the result of not being examined correctly is the untimely death of the child.

If you think that a health care professional failed to follow procedures and you have gone on to suffer an injury, you may be entitled to make a claim for medical negligence.

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