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Posted on 6th October 2017

CQC Inspectors Find Patients Harmed Because Of Treatment Delays

In a report by the Care Quality Commission, inspectors discovered patients attending the Royal Cornwall Hospital were harmed because of delays in receiving treatment for their conditions.

The findings show that some patients with sepsis were not given antibiotics quickly enough (65% of patients with severe sepsis received timely treatment), between December 16 and June 17, 554 patients experienced delays whilst waiting for appointments and two cardiology patients died from cardiac related causes.

Inspectors also found around 150 heart monitor results had not been reviewed and the backlog appeared to date from March 17. Around 6500 Opthalmology patients had their appointments delayed and of those 1200 were waiting for treatment for macular degeneration. Four of those patients went on to experience partial or total loss of vision due to the delays.

The damning investigation found 12 cancer patients had their operations cancelled on the day of the planned surgery and three of these patients were women with breast cancer.

There were other concerns throughout the hospitals including midwifery and neonatology.

The Chief Inspector of hospitals, Professor Ted Baker has recommended that the hospital is placed in special measures due to its history of performance issues as well as failing to make necessary improvements for a number of years.


A delay in receiving the necessary treatment within the recommended timeframes puts patient’s wellbeing at risk. Some medical conditions can cause devastating and often life changing complications and the standard of care given to patients must be of paramount importance if compensation claims for medical negligence are to be reduced.

The government are keen to reform the law surrounding compensation payments and heavily publicise how the NHS is struggling financially but if investment was made to eradicate the actual harm caused to patients by medical staff, compensation claims would naturally decrease.

If you think you or a loved one may have been harmed due to a delay in receiving treatment, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim. Contact us on 0330 355 9210 for a free claim assessment.