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Posted on 2nd October 2017

Birth Injured Girl Awarded Significant Amount

A girl injured during birth in October 2006 has been awarded £22m by the High Court because failings by Peterborough hospital left her with cerebral palsy following a hypoxic brain injury.

The girl, now 11 years old will require round the clock care for the rest of her life despite the courts describing the care given by her family as “Sterling”. Sarah Jones QC, on behalf of the Trust commented “She is a delightful young lady who has the benefit of a splendid family who have given her sterling support. We very much hope that the settlement sum will assist in helping her make the best of her chances.”

The solicitors acting on behalf of the injured girl have commented “This is a truly tragic and distressing case. The life of this otherwise healthy girl and that of her family have been devastated by the mistakes made before and during the birth”

They continued “Nothing can be done to turn back the clock but this settlement will ensure this girl will have the support she needs for the rest of her life. I am delighted that the family will now have access to excellent care to help improve her quality of life due to her severe disabilities. She is a delightful girl with a fabulous personality and her fortitude and attitude is humbling, her parents and sister are devoted to her and are very proud of her and help her to live life to the full.”


Birth injuries are often avoidable with the right course of treatment or care given to the mum and child during pregnancy and birth. When complications occur during pregnancy or birth, often the resulting medical conditions are profound and life changing.

Providing the levels of support and care following birth injuries can be very expensive and this is why compensation pay-outs can be substantial.

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