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Posted on 27th September 2017

Hospital Put Cast On Toddlers Wrong Leg

A two year old child had a cast placed on her wrong leg after her mum took her to A&E and insisted on an X-ray on both legs. The hospital told the mum that she should have seen the mistake.

When the two year old fell awkwardly inside her mum’s car, she was taken straight to A&E. Following triage the child was taken for an X-ray on one of her legs but her mum insisted that both legs should be x-rayed because the toddler was still crying in pain.

An X-ray was taken of the child’s right leg and a plaster cast applied but by mistake the cast was applied to her left leg.

After the cast had been applied, the child was discharged and sent home but the two year old continued to complain about the pain. The next day the child was taken back to hospital where a nurse reviewed the computerised records and then apologised. It came to light that the cast was set on the wrong leg.

When the family attended the fracture clinic the next day, the nurse in attendance commented that the toddler’s mum should have noticed the mistake.

The mum of the child commented “For all I knew, she could have had breaks in both legs. I requested them to carry out X-rays on both legs because it was a hard fall. Considering the way she landed, we wanted to be sure. She was in a lot of pain”

The family have a booked holiday to Florida in October but may have to cancel the holiday due to the recovery period of the break.


Placing a plaster cast on a wrong area of the body is classed by NHS Resolution as a “never event” because the incident should never have happened.

If a broken bone is set in the wrong place or goes un-noticed allowing it to heal incorrectly, the injured person may require an operation to rectify the problem. If the malunited bone is caused by a delay in correctly setting the fracture or if the setting of the fracture is completed incorrectly the injured person may have grounds to make a compensation claim for medical negligence.

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