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Posted on 15th September 2017

Forty Percent of Patients with Broken Hips Experience Treatment Delays

A report by The National Hip Fracture Database found that four in every ten patients with a broken hip suffer delays in receiving treatment increasing their likelihood of going into a care home.

Every day 7 elderly patients break their hip during a hospital stay and the report showed that some hospitals do not do enough to keep patients safe. Two patients in every five do not receive best practice in standards of care.

Whilst compiling the report, 65,000 patient’s records were reviewed and thousands of patients did not receive the care they needed. Almost 10% of patients were still immobile several months after sustaining the injury.

The standards of treatment outlined for hospitals advises surgery should be performed within 36 hours and there should be a review by a geriatrician.

Mr Johansen helped put together the report and he commented “It’s truly terrible not to have early surgery. If you have to get on a bed pan with a broken hip there’s no dignified way of doing that and people just unravel. With care of frail older people, doing it well is cheaper that doing it badly.

I know if I fail to rehabilitate someone and they go into a care home that’s a bill of £70,000 for them of the taxpayer”

10% of patients now have to wait longer that the recommended 18 weeks for surgery. It is thought that there is a waiting list in excess of 500,000 patients for an Orthopaedic procedure. The majority of procedure are related to the hip and knee and they have increased to 505,957 last year from 376,000 in 2008.


The longer a delay in receiving treatment is, the worse potentially the recovery of the patient will be. Guidelines are set for many reasons such as incorrectly united bones or likelihood of damaging surrounding tissue and nerves.

If secondary surgical procedures are needed due to a delay in receiving treatment, a patient may have grounds to make a claim for medical negligence.

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