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Posted on 1st September 2017

Hospital Failed To Spot Broken Hip

In 2013, a man tripped over whilst putting air in his car tyres, in pain he attended the A&E department in Chorley. Whilst in A&E, he was told he had just bruised his hip.

Despite requesting an X-ray medical staff at the hospital refused and sent him home with pain-killers. He was not told to rest so he carried on with his normal day to day life.

The male continued to put weight on his leg but after a week was forced to go back to the hospital because the pain and discomfort had become too much and he was unable to walk. Whilst at the hospital he went for an x-ray which revealed a fractured hip.

Because the hospital failed to act on his injury when he first went to A&E, the man had to have a complete hip replacement. The surgical procedure went as planned but the patient still experiences significant pain and he cannot undertake his hobbies which include fishing and photography. The man will require the use of crutches for the rest of his life.

The patient commented “My mobility has really suffered after the operation, and I can barely leave the house now. I still experience a great deal of pain and stiffness in my left hip, which really affects my day-to-day life as I’m very much restricted in my abilities. I can’t take my two border collies Meg and Jess out for a walk – if I do ill end up on my face. The doctor’s negligence has also cost me my independence – even everyday things like getting dressed and having a bath are almost impossible for me to do without my wife or daughter.”

The hospital have now accepted liability on the grounds that an x-ray should have been taken at his first visit to A&E.


Patients attending A&E because they have fallen and are in severe pain should be referred to radiology for an X-Ray or other imaging. Missed fractures are a common reason why Negligence Claimline is contacted and our sister company Stewart House regularly provides medical reports on the subject to solicitors who are bringing a claim for compensation.

Most hospitals now have a review procedure where if a patient has had an x-ray, the radiographs are reviewed for a second opinion. The reason for this is to reduce the instances of misdiagnosed fractures. If a patient is discharged and a fracture is not diagnosed initially, the second review provides a back-up opinion.

If you have suffered a fracture which was not x-rayed or if your fracture was x-rayed but not picked up on at the initial or review stage of the process, you may have grounds to make a claim for compensation. Telephone us on 0330 355 9210 or for a free claim assessment.