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Posted on 30th August 2017

Pregnant Mum Dies Of Heart Failure

A 36 year old mum died due to heart failure whilst pregnant with twin boys. At 32 weeks the mum started to feel sweaty and breathless, she experienced bouts of dizziness and vomiting. Feeling ill she went to the Royal Hull Infirmary (RHI)

The pregnant mum was discharged from Hull Royal Infirmary just days before she passed away, the hospital prescribed iron for anaemia.

Ambulance crews were called to her home and the expectant mum was rushed back to Hull Royal Infirmary where staff did everything they could to keep her and her unborn twins alive.

Unfortunately the young mum died but the hospital successfully delivered her babies by emergency Caesarean Section. A post-mortem confirmed the new mum died from dilated cardiomyopathy.

Following the death of the mum the hospital discovered that her family had a history of serious heart disease. The pregnant mum had told midwives at her first appointment that her father had passed away due to a heart condition at the age of 22. A “memory lapse” was blamed for the reason why the hereditary condition was not recorded on the electronic system though the details were recorded in her medical records.

The mother of the pregnant woman commented “How on earth can something so significant simply not be entered into vital medical records when it is known to be dangerous to pregnant women. It has been very difficult to accept that, despite the Trust admitting a string of errors in her care, this error at the start – impacting on her entire care when pregnant – did not contribute to her death.”

She continued “I am certain she would have been monitored much more closely had it been known, they even admitted it should have been an escalated matter during her pregnancy. The worrying thing is how many basic errors like this are being made across maternity care? What else should midwives and doctors be aware of when treating patients but are not? These types of mistakes are completely unforgivable”


Medical records form the basis of all care given to patients and a serious omission such as this one can cause life changing or devastating complications. Omissions from medical records do not occur very often and can be difficult to prove though our sister company Stewart House have provided medical reports on such instances.

If you or a loved one have suffered harm because the medical records were incomplete or if you have suffered an injury during child birth, contact us on 0330 355 9210 or for a free claim assessment.