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Posted on 23rd August 2017

Sepsis After Giving Birth Resulted In Amputation Of Both Feet

A 35 year old mum had to have both feet amputated because a hospital failed to give her treatment for the deadly condition Sepsis.

After giving birth to her third child, the Huddersfield mum started to feel unwell. When she started vomiting and then blacked out she was rushed to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. After a 7 hour wait the new mum was eventually given antibiotics by drip.

At 1am the next morning her body went into shock and hospital staff then realised her vital organs were about to fail. She was given only 30% chance of survival and required several blood transfusions whilst she was in a coma.

She was placed on a ventilator but the blood she was given didn’t reach her feet quickly enough causing her nerves to die which in turn caused parts of her feet to turn black.

The young mum finally came round from her coma 16 days later to find she would need to have both feet removed once the black parts had hardened. Whilst waiting for the tissue to harden three of her toes fell off.

The hospital admitted liability in that if staff had treated her earlier, the sepsis infection could have been avoided.


Sepsis is a condition which needs to be identified early and treatment started very quickly to achieve the best outcome. When medical professionals fail to identify a serious medical condition, the consequences can be life changing.

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