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Posted on 21st August 2017

Paramedic Could Have Saved Young Mum

A 32 year old mum of four died after she suffered a fit whilst in Court could have been saved if the paramedic in attendance hadn’t delayed giving her heart shock treatment.

She was attending the Hull Crown Court to listen to a family legal battle ruling but took ill during it. The Coroner Dr Paul Marks confirmed that the mum had died from the condition called Hypertensive Heart Disease.

The Coroner also commented “We are concerned the stress of the Court hearing she was involved in, released adrenaline and sensitised the heart. The root cause of this incident is that the Rapid Response Vehicle did not effectively manage the shockable cardiac arrest. There was a natural cause of death, but it came unnaturally because of a lack of action.”

CCTV recordings of the Court identified a 4 minute delay where the paramedic did not start resuscitation and a report by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHT Trust concluded “The need to defibrillate this patient was paramount, but did not take place and it is felt that this degree of mismanagement fell far short of the standards expected by both Yorkshire Ambulance Service and the Health and Care Professions Council.”

It was also established that the Court did not have a defibrillator and a Ministry of Justice spokesperson has confirmed that one would be installed by the end of this year.

The four children are now being cared for by their grandparents, they said “she was let down badly by the people whose job it was to help her, and we feel very frustrated and sad about this. We are deeply upset by our daughter’s untimely death and miss her very much every day. She was a fantastic mother who adored her children”


Delays in providing necessary and often life-saving treatment can lead to devastating consequences as this case illustrates.

When a medical condition is not dealt with correctly the outcome for the patient can be severely affected. Conditions such as cancer can require urgent referral to specialists who then map out an appropriate treatment plan and then put the treatment in place. The longer treatment is delayed the worse the potential outcome can be.

If you thing that your treatment has been delayed and you have suffered harm because of it, telephone 0330 355 9210 or for a free claim assessment.