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Posted on 14th August 2017

Undiagnosed Tendon Injury Nurse Negligent

A 37 year old postman who was also a keen pianist suffered a deep laceration to his finger has been awarded compensation after a nurse failed to examine his tendons.

The postman attended A&E at his local hospital after cutting his finger and hand on a broken wine glass in March 2016. The cut was so deep it exposed the bone and left a large flap of skin hanging from his finger.

The nurse who provided treatment cleaned the wound and stitched it but failed to examine the man’s tendons. Following the treatment he experienced shooting pains in his hand and was unable to bend his finger but he thought it was a result of the treatment and would resolve over time.

After visiting his GP, In May 2016 because the pain was not resolving, the postman was referred to a specialist who identified a tendon injury. The injury which was missed by the nurse had caused a reduction in movement and grip strength and affected his ability to play the piano. He now needs further surgery to improve his condition.


Hospitals have specific guidelines on how to treat all medical conditions and wound management is no exception. Failure to assess a deep finger wound to rule out a tendon injury is a clear breach of hospital and nursing guidelines.

Had the damaged tendon been diagnosed from the outset a repair to the tendon would have been performed straight away. Because of the delay in treating the injury, the patient may now not regain full movement in his finger.

NHS Choices report that around 1 in 20 tendon repairs fail. Surgery to repair tendons isn’t classed as a medical emergency however the longer they remain unrepaired the worse the outcome is for the patient in regaining full movement.

If you have suffered a severed tendon and the management of it was delayed, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Contact us on 0330 355 9210 or for a free claim assessment