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Posted on 31st July 2017

Dying Woman Told To Stop Faking It By Paramedics

A 22 year old Rochdale woman who was suffering from a reaction to co-codamol was told by Paramedics to walk to the ambulance after she was accused of “faking it” the inquest was told.

The lady was taking the medication to help her get relief from stomach pains but she fell ill due to an undiagnosed liver condition.

Ambulance staff had delayed her admission to hospital by 3 hours, by not recognising the woman was ill even though the 22 year old had collapsed at the bottom of her stairs. She was laying in vomit, her eyes were rolling and she was struggling to breath but she was told by paramedics to “Stop being funny”, “Behave”, and “Stop humiliating yourself” whilst they refused her a wheelchair.

When the woman stopped breathing, an attending police officer had to notify the paramedics before she was put onto a stretcher.

The inquest into the woman’s death was told that she was pronounced dead within two hours after being attended to by the paramedics. The tablets she was taking had caused her death because she had a fatty liver.

Police body cam footage exposed the behaviour of the paramedics and the coroner, Lisa Hashmi commented that here has been a “gross failure to provide the most basic of care” and that the case “beggared belief”.

The mother of the deceased woman told the inquest she “came back home about 11pm and the paramedics were already there. [her daughter] was in the sitting room and she didn’t look well and she was breathing very fast – her pupils looked dilated.”

“The paramedic told me her breathing was too high and they asked me to try and calm her down but I was unable to. One of them tried to take her blood pressure and I could see her eyes rolling back so I asked them if they were going to take her to hospital”

“They asked her to walk to the ambulance but it wasn’t safe for her to do so. I asked them if they could give her oxygen but they said it would not be safe to do so. They told her to walk to the ambulance so I asked if I could get a neighbour to help me if they weren’t going to”.

“When her eyes were rolling one paramedic said to her “Stop being funny and behave yourself”. They told me she was faking it and doing it for attention. They were trying to pull her down the stairs and she went on her knees and collapsed at the front entrance”

“I requested a wheelchair and one of them said to me “we are not giving her a wheelchair, there is nothing wrong with her legs”. She collapsed again and they said to her “what are you doing, stop humiliating yourself and walk to the ambulance”.

Sargent Canavan told he inquest how he was called by the ambulance crew and he started to record the incident on his body cam. He said that the mum was upset so decided to take her to one side so that the emergency crew do work.


Failures to act appropriately by ambulance and paramedic crews have been heavily criticised in this case but the coroner couldn’t find a link between the delay in acting appropriately and the death of the woman.

This case, from a medical negligence point of view would pass the test for Breach of Duty but it would fail the test on Causation meaning that a compensation claim for clinical negligence would in all probability fail.

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