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Posted on 26th July 2017

Welsh Woman Has 8 Weeks To Live After Cancer Misdiagnosis

For two years the mum-of-two was complaining of chest and stomach pains and when she saw medical professionals was diagnosed with depression. Other diagnosis included fibromyalgia and anxiety.

Doctors have now said that the mum has only eight weeks to live after the diagnosis of stomach cancer (Signet Ring cell adenocarcinoma). The cancer is now that advanced, it has spread to her abdominal lining and lymph nodes.

The family of the mum says she has been severely let down by the NHS and should have taken her more seriously. Her husband said “The way she’s been treated by the NHS has been absolutely disgusting. Nobody took her seriously because she looked so well. She begged the doctors to give her tests”

He added “it is really shocking that this was allowed to happen. I will camp and protest on the steps of the assembly until money is given to send her to Germany. The NHS owes it to her”

A campaign to raise £30,000 has been started to send her to Germany for immunotherapy treatment - the only course of treatment now available. Immunotherapy treatment is used to boost the immune system to fight the cancer but it is untested for all this type of cancer.


The diagnosis of cancer starts with a patient’s GP who should then follow NICE guidelines. Hospital Consultants also have guidelines they should follow when treating patients. When guidelines or procedures are not followed, in legal terms there is a breach of duty and this is the first part of a legal test that a solicitor will look at when someone starts to make a claim for clinical negligence compensation.

The second test a specialist solicitor will perform is the test of causation. This test identifies whether the medical condition the enquirer is referring to could be caused by the breach of duty. When both legal tests have been performed, if the answer to both parts is yes, a solicitor will take steps to bring a claim for medical negligence.

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