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Posted on 24th July 2017

Glamour Model Feels Like A Monster After Botched Boob Job

A 31 year old glamour model had cosmetic breast implants to boost her cleavage but was left feeling like a “monster” after the botched surgery allowed the implants to move around.

Following the failed cosmetic surgery the patient experienced movement in her implants caused when a pocket formed around them which allowed the implants to move up to her armpit and under her collar bone.

The surgeon who performed the failed cosmetic surgery has denied anything was wrong and referred to the photos she had done before the surgery. He commented that she was “better off now”.

When questioned further the surgeon commented they “still looked great and some moving around was normal” the 31 year old patient said “he [the surgeon] wrapped up abruptly by telling her that it wasn’t something that could be fixed”

Unsatisfied with the comments, the patient sought a second opinion from a different surgeon who told he that the pockets were much wider than they should have been. After having revision surgery two weeks later the model is now happy with the outcome.


Many women decide to have breast surgery because they have concerns about their appearance. They do not undertake cosmetic surgery lightly and fully research the procedure prior to having it performed.

When surgery is performed, the cosmetic surgeon undertaking the procedure is expected to perform the work to a high standard. When the standard falls below what is expected and complications arise, it can lead to physical and emotional problems.

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