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Posted on 21st July 2017

Death Of Twin Girls Caused By Antenatal Department

The mother of twin girls has been awarded compensation after the antenatal unit at Basildon hospital failed to return any calls and a Southend hospital midwife dismissed her concerns.

At 24 weeks a mum contacted the Basildon hospital antenatal unit after being concerned that her waters had broken. Despite leaving messages for the unit, her calls were not returned.

The worried mum also contacted Kings College Hospitals to raise her concerns.

A midwife at the Southend hospital diagnosed her with urinary incontinence and dismissed her fluid loss, staff at Kings College also told the mum that her waters had not broken.

The mother of the twins was actually suffering with a pre-term rupture of membranes and the delay in correctly diagnosing her condition for 18 days meant that simple steroid injections that could have saved her babies was not given early enough.

The twin girls had their life support machines turned off 6 days after they were born.

The solicitor acting for the mum commented “As a result of the poor conduct of the hospitals throughout this litigation, two things are very clear.

Firstly, they have caused over two years mental anguish. Secondly they have ended up wasting a significant amount of public money by conceding on the steps of the court. All of this was completely avoidable.”

He went on to comment “Regrettably it is all too common for this situation to arise on our cases with the NHS, and due to the amount of public money this wastes, it is currently the subject of a national audit”


Misdiagnosis of medical conditions including cancer accounts for a high proportion of enquiries we receive on a monthly basis. We all put our trust in the medical profession and assume that they will give a correct diagnosis at the first consultation however misdiagnosis continues to happen despite procedures being in place.

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