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Posted on 7th July 2017

One Third Of Nursing Homes Failing Safety Checks

The Care Quality Commission have found that one in three nursing homes are failing on safety and inspectors have experienced staff putting residents back to bed after being washed and dressed as a way of easing workloads.

The CQC have rated 21000 adult social care services which included over 4000 nursing homes. The CQC findings showed that there were concerns over nursing homes and only 67% of them were given a “good” rating.

The study has blamed the problems on not being able to recruit good quality nursing staff.

The CQC have reported examples of poor care including:

  • Death caused by a resident falling from a shower chair which caused a broken neck.
  • Rationing of incontinence pads where residents have soiled themselves
  • Bed baths given at 3:30am
  • Unpleasant odours due to beds being made with dirty sheets and walls stained with food
  • Soiled mattresses
  • Medications given in an unsafe manor and at incorrect times
  • Ants crawling over dining tables
  • Residents who required help feeding being left to fend for themselves

Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief inspector of Adult Social Care at the CQC commented that the standards of care were “completely and utterly unacceptable” in the modern age. She went on to say “These are things you do not want to be happening to your loved one or mum.”

Speaking on behalf of the charity Age UK, Director Caroline Abrahams commented that care in nursing homes was “a bit like playing Russian roulette.”


The devastating decision to use nursing homes is never taken lightly and we all like to think we are acting on the best interests of our loved ones. The standards of care should be high at all times but this report shows that it is not always the case. We suggest creating a shortlist of potential care homes and visit each several times at different times of the day to see how staff are coping and how clean the environment is.

 If you feel that your loved one has experienced neglect in the care home, contact us on 0330 355 9210 or for a free claim assessment.