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Posted on 5th July 2017

Midwife dies during botched surgery at the hospital she worked

A Midwife working for a Birmingham hospital for over 30 years died because the abdominal surgery to correct a perforated colon was not performed correctly.

The grandmother of two attended her GP clinic in March 2013 as she was suffering from constipation and stomach pain. She was prescribed laxatives by her GP.

Two days later she was admitted to hospital due to a perforated colon where she had a six hour operation to resolve her condition. Following the operation the lady was sent to intensive care to recover and then on to a ward.

The lady’s husband of 20 years said “after surgery, it did seem like she was recovering ok, although she did need plenty of fluids”, “it even got to a point where I took her friend in to see her and she was able to laugh and joke with her”

The patient’s husband visited her in hospital in the morning of 27th March and everything appeared to be ok. He left with the intention of going back in the evening.

A short time after getting home, he received a telephone call from the hospital who advised that his wife’s condition had deteriorated and would require emergency surgery.

The emergency surgery was performed and fluid was found to have been leaking from her small bowel because the original surgery had been performed incorrectly.

Staff at the hospital informed the patient’s husband that his wife had developed faecal peritonitis and multiple organ failure. She passed away at 9pm that day.


Every surgical procedure comes with it’s own set of risks. A pre-operation assessment should be carried out and the associated risks should be fully explained to the patient.

Medical negligence could occur because the consent form did not fully cover all the risks associated to it leaving you as the patient un-informed, or it could be because the surgical procedure was performed incorrectly leading to complications as in this case.

If you have had surgery and you have been harmed because the procedure was not carried out correctly or if the consent form you signed did not fully explain all the risks, contact us on 0330 355 9210 or for a free claim assessment.