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Posted on 23rd June 2017

Young Dad Dies Following Delays In Cancer Treatment

The male aged 27 went to see his GP about a lump on his lower back which was painful and growing in size.

The GP referred the patient to Worcestershire Royal Hospital for an MRI scan. Following the scan a follow-up appointment should have been arranged but wasn’t.

The father went to see his GP again in March 2011 raising further concerns with the lump and his GP referred him to the Russells Hall Hospital. More scans were performed and after reviewing them surgery was arranged to remove what was thought to be a benign tumour.

Further tests confirmed that the tumour was a spindle cell sarcoma and a referral to hospital was made. Due to a mix-up by the hospital relating to his contact details the father wasn’t seen until 2012 when he was given the diagnosis.

Although treatment was started, sadly the man passed away in March 2014. The two year delay from when he first visited his GP to the cancer being correctly diagnosed has been blamed for his death.

The trust in charge of Russells Hall Hospital are understood to have admitted that a referral so a specialist cancer team should have been made over a year before it actually was.


This case highlights that a delay in providing the appropriate treatment for a patient with cancer can have a devastating effect on a family’s life. Cancer must be diagnosed early enough so that treatment can be given at the earliest opportunity.

If cancer is misdiagnosed or treatment for cancer is delayed, the outcome for the client can be much worse than if caught early. If you have suffered from a delay in diagnosis of cancer or if your cancer treatment was delayed, contact us on 0330 355 9210 or