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Posted on 14th June 2017

Sepsis causes baby to be stillborn

Whilst pregnant, a mother in Westcliffe contracted the deadly disease, sepsis, causing her baby to be stillborn.


The pregnant mum, 33, was in Southend Hospital after being initially diagnosed with constipation which turned out to be a strangulated bowel. As she was being cared for by the hospital, her bowel condition led to sepsis.


Although the mum was extremely ill and her health was deteriorating, the hospital failed to monitor her baby whilst providing the mum with the necessary treatment. The Coroners Court heard evidence from a Pathologist on how the stress of having sepsis caused the mums baby to be still-born.


The court was told that during the evening of 5th December 16, staff at the hospital failed to monitor the baby’s health and therefore missed the opportunity to perform an emergency C-section.


Gynaecologist, Dr Malcolm Griffiths said “the abdominal sepsis should have been detected sooner and the baby should have been more closely monitored” and “what would have been helpful for the baby would be to have had the CTG scan”


Sepsis is the second biggest killer in the UK and in this case caused the still-birth of a baby.

Doctors at the hospital should have recognised the threat posed to both the mum and baby and provided both with the care they required.

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