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Posted on 7th June 2017

Leicestershire GP Misdiagnoses Cancer As Muscular Problem

A Leicestershire lady was misdiagnosed with muscle pain by her GP which was later found to be terminal cancer.

The patient first attended her GP in 2011 complaining of neck and shoulder pain, her GP prescribed anti-inflammatory medication.

In March 2013 the pain became worse and moved to her back. In May 2013 she attended her GP again and was diagnosed with a muscular problem that would get better within two weeks.

In June 2013 the lady relocated and registered with a new doctor’s surgery. Over the next six months she had many telephone consultations and even physiotherapy sessions. She spoke with several GPs at her practice because she was in so much pain.

The patient commented “the surgery kept upping my dosage of pain relief medication, but I felt I was getting nowhere, at one point I was taking 21 tablets a day to alleviate the pain”

I October 2013 she asked for a referral to a specialist for a second opinion where an MRI scan was arranged. The MRI scan performed in December 2013 showed she had terminal cancer which had spread from her breast to her spine and bones. The results also confirmed she was hours from being paralysed.

In December 2013 a six hour surgical intervention was performed to insert a cage and pins round her spine to help support it and to stop paralysis. Further surgery was performed a few days later to insert a metal rod in her arm to prevent fracturing.


Earlier diagnosis of this cancer would not have made this cancer curable despite warning signs being present.

When a compensation claim is made, there are two parts to the value of a claim. General Damages are awarded for things such as pain, suffering and emotional distress whereas Special Damages are awarded for things like loss of earnings, medical expenses, adaptation of accommodation etc.

Early diagnosis of cancer is paramount to acheive the best possible outcome for the patient. Some cancers are more easily treated the earlier the diagnosis is made whilst others are untreatable regardless of when the diagnosis is made. If a cancer could have been diagnosed earlier but it wasn't you may have grounds to make a compensation claim regardless of the prognosis. 

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