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Posted on 30th May 2017

Skin Cancer Misdiagnosed As Fungal Nail Infection

When a man visited his GP in Black Torrington in Devon, the incorrect diagnosis of nail fungal infection may have cut his life expectancy by 20 years.


The musician went to see his GP in September 2011 due to a nail problem. He was diagnosed with a nail fungal infection. When his symptoms worsened in June 2012, he went back to see his doctor who diagnosed skin cancer.


A Court in London have heard how the effect of the misdiagnosis could cut the 60 year old’s life by 20 years. Mr Justice Goss commented “The disease will cause his death, the latest prognosis is that he may have 10-30 months of life left.”


Medico-legal Expert Witnesses reported that the problem with the nail was consistent with skin cancer at the first appointment in 2011 and therefore the patient should have been referred on that day. In not referring the patient, the standard of care given fell below the required degree of skill and competence of a reasonable practitioner.


The courts awarded a sim in excess of £170,000 and included in the award was a sum towards the funeral costs.