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Posted on 27th February 2017

Negligent Treatment of Diabetes FAQs

If you have symptoms of diabetes your GP will carry out a series of tests, including asking for a urine sample and sometimes taking some blood to test too.

Urine doesn't normally have glucose in it. If it does it can mean your kidneys are not regulating your glucose levels properly. The urine test measures whether glucose is present or not.

If glucose is found in your urine, a specialised blood test called glycated haemoglobin is used to find out whether you have diabetes.

Can diabetes be misdiagnosed?

According to a 2011 report, 100,000 people have been misdiagnosed with diabetes or wrongly diagnosed, so yes it can be. However, this accounts for only 2% of all registered diabetics in England. Half of these 100,000 people are wrongly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when they actually have type 2 diabetes.

Diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is sometimes delayed because practitioners fail to put patients through the appropriate diabetic tests, despite displaying symptoms that would suggest potential diabetes.

Is it possible to misdiagnose type 1 diabetes as type 2 diabetes?

Yes, this does happen sometimes. Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes require quite different treatments, though they have the same long-term consequences and both involve high blood sugar. This means it's very important that a correct diagnosis is offered from the start, so that you don't undergo the wrong treatment.

What is it commonly misdiagnosed as?

Rather than misdiagnosing a patient with diabetes when they have something entirely different, most patients are misdiagnosed with the wrong type of diabetes. Often a patient will have type 1 diabetes and it will be diagnosed as type 2.

Around 15-20% of people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes may actually have type 1.5 diabetes, which is a specific version of type 1 diabetes that has very similar symptoms to type 2.

Can you make a claim if diabetes is misdiagnosed?

Like all medical negligence claims, it depends on the exact circumstances of your case. Negligence has to be proven according to the three part test. If the misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis has caused you harm, you could have case. Get in touch today and we can let you know whether you have grounds to make a claim.

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