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Posted on 14th February 2019

NHS Complaints Letter Sample Templates

The NHS is well known for providing a vital service to the public, and in the majority of cases, people have a good experience. However, sometimes the National Health Service does make mistakes. It is not unheard of for the NHS to get it wrong, and if you have suffered as a result of negligence by an NHS organisation or health care professional, then you might feel it necessary to make a formal complaint or even claim against NHS.

If there is ever a case that a professional or organisation are negligent in their practice of medicine, it is essential that they are made of aware of the issues at hand. This is so they can be held accountable for their actions through a claim against the NHS or taking NHS legal action.

If you have suffered a medical injury due to hospital malpractice, had a wrong diagnosis from the NHS or even had issues with your dentist, then you could be eligible to make an NHS claim. Many people often wonder how to go about suing a doctor, suing a dentist or suing the NHS. Here we explain how to take NHS legal action, how to write an NHS negligence claims letter and how to sue the NHS.

Making A Claim Against The NHS and Medical Compensation

You might feel it necessary to take legal action in the form of suing the NHS if you have suffered medical injuries. Especially if you have sought the help of a medical professional and they provided poor quality care and treatment. The NHS may have even resulted in your medical condition getting worse or an entirely new medical injury caused by hospital malpractice. If so, then you could be able to make an NHS claim for medical compensation.

NHS Complaints Procedure

It is not necessary to complete the NHS complaints procedure before beginning to take NHS legal action and suing a doctor, dentist or surgeon; although it can be useful to do as it will often result in an investigation that will reveal more about what happened.

The NHS complaints procedure involves writing a letter of complaint to the department or practice in question, the sample letters provided on this page can be a great place to start when making a claim against NHS.

Can I Sue The NHS?

Some people have concerns about claiming compensation from the NHS, as they are providing an essential service to the public. However, the main aim of medical compensation is to put you back in the same position that you were in before your medical injury or wrong diagnosis from the NHS.

The idea behind medical compensation is not to benefit financially but to be compensated for finances you may have lost or will need for future care. By making an NHS negligence claim, you can also help to improve the service and prevent the same medical injuries and hospital malpractice from happening again, by highlighting the issues and lack of medical care you received.

How To Write A Letter Of Complaint To The NHS

If you do have concerns regarding the service or treatment you have received from the NHS, then you can write a letter of complaint. Writing a letter of complaint to the NHS is not the same as making NHS negligence claims. However, it can be a useful part of your case if you want to sue the NHS or make a claim against NHS.

When making a claim against the NHS, it is vital to understand whether or not you have the right to complain. You should consider all of these factors when deciding if you have the right to make a complaint:

  • You are complaining about the care you received personally unless you have the permission to write an NHS claim on behalf of somebody else.
  • You fully understand the complaint and are fully aware of all the conditions related to the complaint.
  • You are not raising a duplicate complaint that has already been resolved or is currently being investigated.
  • You are complaining about an issue that has already affected you, such as an illness or medical injury that has already been caused.

What Do I Need To Write To Complain To The NHS

Once you are sure that you have the right to complain, then you will need to write a letter of complaint to the NHS. These sample letters can be used as a template for your claim against NHS. However, you will need to amend them with your own information.

If you have discussed your medical injury, wrong diagnosis NHS or other NHS issue with a doctor, surgeon or dentist then try to keep notes on what you spoke about as well as the date and time.

It is vital to keep NHS complaint letters brief but concise, with as much useful information as possible. You can use the sample letters on this page as a starting point for your letter. This step by step process covers how to write a letter of complaint to the NHS:

Step By Step Guide To Write A Letter Of Complaint To The NHS

  1. Gather all the details and information you have, including appointment dates, phone calls and names of doctors, dentists or surgeons involved.
  2. Compose the letter in a standard letter format with your address at the top, followed by the address or the department or practice you are raising a complaint with. Address the complaint to the specific person you have been in contact with, most likely a doctor, surgeon or dentist.
  3. Begin the letter by explaining the reason for the letter and stating that it is an official complaint against the NHS. Include the details they require to access your medical records, such as full name, date of birth and NHS number.
  4. Continue by covering the problem at hand and including any details you have. If you have letters or written evidence that could be useful, include copies with your letter of complaint.
  5. End your letter by explaining that you have followed the NHS complaints procedure and will be expecting a response within a reasonable time frame.
  6. Before sending your letter, read it over again and look out for any emotional language or anything that does not inform the person reading the letter of your claim against NHS.
Citizen Advice Bureau Sample Letter:

South Tees Hospital NHS Trust Sample Letter:

AvMA Sample Letter:

After Writing A NHS Complaint

Once you have sent your letter to the NHS department or practice, you should get a confirmation that this has been received within three working days. The NHS has no set timeframe for when they will provide an official response. However, if it takes longer than six months, they must inform you of what the delay is.

Example Responses To NHS Complaints Letters

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust example responses (please note all these examples are entirely fictitious)

If you find yourself in this situation, you can contact the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. For help and examples of writing a complaint letter to the NHS, take a look at the sample NHS claim letters on this page.

The medical negligence solicitors at Negligence Claimline can help to support you when complaining about the NHS. Our friendly experts will be on hand with advice on how to proceed with a claim after you have issued a complaint.

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